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Our Greatest Love.. By Elain Chetty

This feeling I have, I wish I could freeze.It’s deep within and makes me shake at the kneesIt’s my love for you that keeps going strong,And when you’re with me I know nothing can go wrong. My heart for you is like an open book.This heart of mine you finally took.The day came when weContinue reading “Our Greatest Love.. By Elain Chetty”

When I’m With You…

In your arms,I’m in my safe haven.With you holding me tight,I have no other craving. All I needis that one lookthat says you’re always there,just like in a fairy tale book. Your eyes talk to meas the world stands still.My once empty heartnow with love does fill. Your eyes tell methat you’ll love me everyContinue reading “When I’m With You…”

Eternal Emotion. By Mason C. FORD

As long as the birds are singing,As long as the fish can swim,As long as the sun keeps shining,I will love you in the bright or dim. As long as the wind keeps blowing,As long as the ocean waves,As long as the stars are shimmering,You will have my heart enslaved. As long as time keepsContinue reading “Eternal Emotion. By Mason C. FORD”

A Sense Of Love… By William Wilson

Love is not something you see.It’s meaning everything to me.It’s needing to have you in my life,So much that I made you my wife. Love is not something you hear.It’s always wanting to have you near.It’s needing to feel your lips each daySo much that no words could ever say. Love is not something youContinue reading “A Sense Of Love… By William Wilson”

Happy In Love. By Shelagh Bullman

How happy I am to be in love with you.I want to scream from my lungs till I’m breathless and blue.I want the world to know how excited I amTo be in love with this gorgeous, perfect man. How lucky I am; I feel crazy inside.I’m riding the big roller coaster of pride.My mind bombardedContinue reading “Happy In Love. By Shelagh Bullman”

Someone by Owain L. Derbyshire

Words simply can’t describeMy feelings for you,For my feelings are so many,But words, they are so few. Encouragement you give meAnd a connection that is true.I’m glad while reaching outI found someone like you. You give your love so sweetly.I am lost if you are away.You have me so completely.I cherish you night and day.Continue reading “Someone by Owain L. Derbyshire”

Don’t Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day…. by Pablo Neruda

Don’t go far off, not even for a day, because —because — I don’t know how to say it: a day is longand I will be waiting for you, as in an empty stationwhen the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep. Don’t leave me, even for an hour, becausethen the little drops of anguishContinue reading “Don’t Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day…. by Pablo Neruda”

Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

How does Love speak?In the faint flush upon the telltale cheek,And in the pallor that succeeds it; byThe quivering lid of an averted eye–The smile that proves the parent to a sighThus doth Love speak. How does Love speak?By the uneven heart-throbs, and the freakOf bounding pulses that stand still and ache,While new emotions, likeContinue reading “Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox”

To You I Promise by Danny Blackburn

My love for you is unconditional and enduring.To you I promise to always be reassuring. My love for you protects you and is honorable.To you I promise to always be faithful. My love for you is understanding and passionate.To you I promise to always be compassionate. My love for you is thoughtful and cherishing.To youContinue reading “To You I Promise by Danny Blackburn”